This application was originally built to simply test the latest SOAP standard that was developed by the CDC convened Transport Layer Workgroup. After that demonstration project was successfully completed work was done to add simple support for submitting test messages and verifying the results. Then improvements were made for creating test case scripts. This final version incorporates all of this into a single integrated test environment. In addition, this application has become effective enough it now requires a login. If you need credentials please contact Nathan Bunker.

Support Functions

Setup This application does not store any data permanently. All information entered or displayed will be discarded if log out or when the page remains inactive for a certain period of time. The setup interface allows for quick configuration of both connections and test case scripts. For ease of use, it is recommended that scripts should be saved at the end of each session for easy continuation the next time.
Edit Quickly create test case scripts that can be used to test immunization registries. You can start with your own HL7 messages or use the default base supplied. Quickly modify the message by indicating automatic and custom changes you want made to it. The resulting script can be saved or run in the tester.
Send Message Test an immunization registry interface to confirm that ability to connect. Supports latest SOAP standard and HTTPS POST standards. The message you send is returned with the acknowledgement from the connecting system.
Run Tests Test an immunization interface for conformance to data quality standards.

Example Test Scripts

Test scripts are the heart of this application, they define the message to send and the response expected from the registry. In addition, they can be used to create or transform HL7 messages or create hundreds of example messages.

American Immunization Registry Association - IIS HL7 Tester & Simple Message Mover