Vaccine Forecast Analyzer

The Vaccine Forecast Analyzer provides easy access to the Lone Star Forecaster and other forecasters to support testing and verification.

Release Notes

Version 3.11

Changed name from TCH Forecast Tester to the Vaccine Forecast Analyzer.

Version 3.08

The latest release include changes to the new TCH Forecast Tester interface. The old interface has been nearly completely replaced by the new interface.

Release Notes

Version 3.03

Highlights of latest release:

  • Added support for indicating to the TCH Forecaster to assume patient is up-to-date on a range of childhood vaccinations that are not given to adults who received them as children.
  • Added new admin category of Assume complete or immune. This matches new functionality in the TCH Forecaster to assume patient is up-to-date and communicate that assumption back to the forecast consumer.
  • Added support for indicating that a vaccination was sub potent or should be forced as valid. Currently these too functions are only supported by the TCH forecaster. Support on other forecasters will need to be evaluated for future versions.

Version 3.01

Highlights of latest release:

  • Underlying database has been enlarged to support expanded testing. Some of these changes are currently visible now but most will not be enabled until later this year. These changes will be needed to support the CDSi project for 2014.
  • Changed how complete is documented. Previously an expectation or actual result with a dose number of COMP was considered complete. This was an overloading of the meaning of dose number. A new field has been added to indicate Status.
  • Matching rules have been updated to require that status also be matched. Users should now set expected status, along with dose number, valid, due and overdue dates.